Pyra Kane

Pyra Kane was born and raised on a quiet street in Indianapolis, Indiana, where she spent her time playing video games and struggling to catch butterflies with her siblings. Born in the year 2000, her writing journey and now-accomplished dream of becoming a published author began at the age of fifteen, when she was introduced […]

Mythical Creature Contest

Pixie Forest Publishing is seeking fiction stories about mythical creatures! Open from July 3rd- July 31st at 11: 59pm CST The winning three stories will receive a printable certificate and be featured on our website. Our top story will also receive a $5 egift card! Guidelines: *One submission per participant. *500-3,000 words. *MUST be centered […]

Stephanie Ayers

A published author with a knack for twisted tales, Stephanie Ayers is a full-time world-building ninja and part time freelancer living in Ohio while crafting her own story and resists growing up at all costs. She mothers her children, loves her husband, attends church, and avoids all things housework and zombies.   Her debut novella, […]

Melissa Willis-Sell

Melissa Willis-Sell is the author of The Chronicles of Fey Trilogy, Writers’ Edge, and the children’s short book, The Escapades of Nae. She is a mother of four and a self-proclaimed Whovian. Her new novel Sins of Egypt, a character series of Ann Montgomery from Writers’ Edge, is due out the fall of 2018. Be […]

JM Ames

First published in 2016, JM Ames is a California-based Speculative Fiction author. His published stories span the genres of Drama, Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction. Whatever the genre, you can always Expect the Unexpected.

Olivia London

Olivia London is an avid writer, reader, and proud member of house Ravenclaw. She attended Northern Michigan University where she received a Master’s degree in English with a creative writing focus. Olivia is also the founder of Stormy Island Publishing, established in 2018. She lives on the shores of Lake Superior in beautiful Upper Michigan […]

William Thatch

William Thatch is a published author known for his work in the Of Words short story anthologies. Despite being a writer since the age of five, he really has no words to describe himself. Photographic evidence of his existence is hard to come by, leading many to believe he is Big Foot, who has repeatedly […]

Susan Gibbons

Susan Gibbons is a romance writer and author hailing from Ohio with her husband and children. “The Mirror” is her first published romance novella. Besides Love Dust, she has written short stories and flash fictions for A Journey of Words, Flireburst, and A Flash of Words. She’s shy, believes in Karma, and does what she […]

Alisha Massenet

Alisha Massenet enjoys the small magics in everyday life. She writes fluffy romances with happily-ever-afters from her home in Canada, which is filled with the laughter of joyful children and the hissing of grumpy cats – and sometimes vice versa. When not writing, she takes long rambles through nature and paints.   Where did your […]

Alan I’Anson

Alan lives in the North of England and has had short stories accepted and published in Wicked Karnival’s Halloween Horrors, Thirteen Magazine, Black Petals, and All Hallows. Later this year he hopes to publish his debut novel DEAD PETALS. Alan also enjoys sculpting and is well known in the ‘garage kit’ world for his sculptures […]