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Submission Guidelines

**Submissions currently open for our Mythical Creature Contest**

Our guidelines will vary depending on the call for submission. There are a few points that will always be set, however.


Formatting is something that takes practice. Most places you submit short stories to require it. Many ask for Shuun Format, which is set up to be easy to read, and give a professional look.

This isn’t to give writers more work, but to make it easier to read, edit, and format for publishers.

For future contests and anthologies, Pixie Forest Publishing will require submissions be in Shuun Format. Here is a link on how to correctly format your short story.

Shunn Formatting


We are very adamant that writers should always be paid for accepted stories or poems.   As of July 2018, we pay $5 for contest story winners and $10 for accepted anthology stories. It may change with our second anthology this fall.


Story must be edited to the best of your abilities- editing will help with its chance of winning.
(We highly recommend finding a beta reader to look over it)


All submissions can be sent to contact@pixieforestpublishing.com