Donise Sheppard

Donise Sheppard is co-owner of Pixie Forest Publishing and a fiction writer born in Ohio, but residing in Southern West Virginia with her husband and four children. She has six self-published novels on Amazon and six other short stories published in anthologies and a magazine. When she isn’t writing, she’s reading, baking, or chasing her […]

Jensen Reed

Jensen Reed is a published author, co-owner of Pixie Forest Publishing, and mother to two young boys. She dabbles in writing and reading genres, but is working towards publishing the first novel in her zombie apocalypse series. You can find more from her at and on     Where did your inspiration for your story […]

School Lunch

 School Lunch by Kyle Bagsby Whoever came up with the idea of assigned seats in the cafeteria is a butt. I mean seriously, why does it matter where we sit, and as a result of that stupid idea, I have to sit next to Billy Tillerson every single day. Ohhhh but the best part is, […]

Gerry’s Way

Gerry’s Way By Alan I’Anson       He awakens to the sound of pounding at the front door and the windows. His eyelids peel back, the paper-thin membranes dragging over dry, shrivelled eyeballs like sandpaper. For the first time he sees the world as they do – those putrid creatures he has despised with […]

Under The Purple Sky

Under The Purple Sky by Stacy Overby   They command attention, leaving spectators breathless in their presence. The words, in neon letters flashed onto the massive screen lighting up the night, though why the gigantic electronic billboard drew Liana’s attention mystified her. A video of her sisters imprisoned under The Purple Sky, trapped in human-made […]