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J.A. Hamilton

JA Hamilton

I won first place in a Family Enrichment writing contest when I was in grade five (twenty dollars was a fortune back then), and that’s when I knew my true calling in life.

I started writing my first novel in the summer of 93 (going into grade ten), The Last Dragon, as my friends and I were obsessed with R.A. Salvatore, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. I finished it, and wrote over two hundred pages of the next chapter, Dragonsbane, before putting it aside. My true passion was for Thrillers, so I bridged the transition with seven short stories–all Thrillers. Confident and ready, I began writing the first novel I would try to publish, The Night’s Eye.

I later received a (two hundred dollar) Scholarship bursary to attend The Writer’s Workshop course, held at St. Thomas University in 1995 (grade twelve). I landed this opportunity after writing a one page review of a made for TV pilot my Fine Arts class was shown by Ann Ingram, an editor for the Telegraph Journal/Correspondent for CBC. One student was chosen to read their review, and that student was me. After class Ann took me aside and asked if I was a writer. I said yes, and gave her a copy of a short story I happened to have with me (The Triangle) with my number at the bottom. She called me the following night and invited me to dinner where she presented me with the bursary.

I spent eight years working for popular movie websites, JoBlo.comFlix66.com, and Funnyordie.com–writing film reviews, columns, interviews, and a series of comic strips, one of which is featured in the film, The People vs. George Lucas.

I currently working on my next two novels, Mark of the Fallen and The Ferry Man.