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Across A Decade

Open now to kids ages 8-18

Pixie Forest Publishing is seeking short stories and poems in any genre from kids ages 8-18 for our upcoming anthology “Across A Decade”. (We have another call for submissions for eighteen and up here)

This is an open-ended call for submissions. It will go until we feel we have a decent number of accepted stories. You will receive a rejection or acceptance within three weeks of submitting. Please ensure you leave an email address for us to contact you.

All stories and poems need to be centered on the theme of “Growing Up”. Your story can be anything about growing up. What has happened ,what is happening, what you want to happen, friends, family, what’s important, and everything in between.

Stories should be written for a middle grade audience (ages 8-12).

You must be 8 or no older than 18 BY June 1st 2019 to be eligible.

Stories should not exceed 2,000 words and poems should not exceed one page of single-spaced size 12 Arial font

All submissions must include title, author’s name, and age at the top of the word document.

You may submit no more than two stories or poems, but we will only accept one per-author. We are planning to offer one copy of the anthology upon publication for accepted stories/poems.

Questions? Email us at contact@pixieforestpublishing.com

Submit your stories and poems HERE

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