Sandra Kaye

Sandra is a new indie author and a registered nurse living in small town, Illinois. Her only superpower is caffeine consumption. In her spare time she reads anything fantasy. Writing is something she’s done all her life but  putting it into print is new.  With a supportive family by her side she worked to publish […]

Across A Decade

Open now to kids ages 8-18 Pixie Forest Publishing is seeking short stories and poems in any genre from kids ages 8-18 for our upcoming anthology “Across A Decade”. (We have another call for submissions for eighteen and up here) This is an open-ended call for submissions. It will go until we feel we have […]

Jennifer Baldwin

Jennifer Baldwin was born in Columbus, Ohio,  grew up in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania and moved to Missouri in 2002. She has been a summer camp counselor, music teacher, animal assisted therapist, movie extra, daycare teacher, credit card advisor, distributor for an MLM company, and a call center representative. But, Mom and author are still the best titles […]

Amanda V. Shane

Amanda is a Colorado native and fully admits to being a library dork growing up. To this day, she loves the smell of book paper on an almost fetish level (okay, maybe not, but that gives you a peek into the dark and twisted mind of this author). One of her first book romances came […]

Snow Maiden

A commoner and the outcast of her village…Nika is forced to flee her home to keep the dark secret of her birth. When she is hunted by a rugged Northman, she finds herself lost in a land of spells and curses. His kisses start to melt her cold, lonely heart, her secrets are laid bare […]

December Kids

Discover brand new worlds in Pixie Forest’s December Kids box. With books from Elizabeth Jade,  Ellwyn Autumn, Kyle Bagsby, Robert Mackey, and Sandra Kaye, your kiddos will find an exciting mix of stories, along with some fun swag. Write secret messages in a new journal with colored pencils and an invisible ink pen, then stay warm during […]

Second Time’s A Charm

Two years after divorcing her cheating husband of thirteen years, Danielle finds herself falling in love with a man she met at the fair. Logan isn’t only charming with his English accent and rugged good looks, but he makes Danielle happier than she thought possible. The only thing standing in her way of happiness is […]

Mr. Christmas

Growing up in a funeral parlor is a dark and depressing way of life for young Jimmy Natale. Continuously surrounded by sadness and death, Jimmy latches on to the only bright star in his life: Christmas. His deep infatuation with the colors, food, spirit, and family love inherent to the holiday consumes him. After getting […]

Never Too Late

Love knows no bounds. Darien Payne’s been in love with the girl-next-door since he first saw her sitting on the swing hanging from the oak’s branches. Determined to win her heart till death do they part, he sets a plan in motion that could make it or break it for their friendship and his family’s […]

Behind The Lens

A single moment. A lifetime of waiting. This year would make one hell of a scrapbook, if Lexi was into that sort of thing. She’s been stalked, held hostage, tortured, had a shootout that would rival the OK Corral, and to top it off, she turned over the reins of the Laughing P. ​ Needing space, […]