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April PAWESOME Book Box

April brings us spring and two PFP book boxes! In our PAWESOME box you’ll get books from Forest Wells, Samantha Rose, Marianne Reese, and Heather C. Page. We have an assortment of paw-themed swag this month, including lanyards, key chains, calendars, puzzles, silicone bracelets, bookmarks, and a pawesome snap to add to your key ring collection. You’ll also get the choice of one bag of cat or dog Greenies.

(Remember, four snaps earns you a little prize pack with photographic proof!)

Boxes are $40 unless you’re ordering locally to Jensen or have a previous box coupon.

We only one left!

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Declared a lone wolf, never to know the company of another wolf, Luna turns bitter as he learns to accept his new fate. Yet even as he does, other wolves, strange two-legged creatures, and one mockingbird, force themselves into his life, driving him through a gauntlet of trials where he must reconnect with the alpha he was born to be, or turn away from it forever – assuming he survives.

At the heart of the old realm lies the home of magic, The Curiosity Bureau. It can be a daunting place, especially for a young girl who has never left her home village in the Northlands before, but Elodie Black soon begins to shine in her new role as apprentice guardian of dreams. Events quickly take a sinister turn when mistakes are made in the bureau’s magical defences against the coboli – the nastiest creatures in the realm – that could have deadly consequences. All fingers point to Elodie, but is she to blame, or is she being sabotaged? She embarks on a mission to uncover the truth and stumbles upon a secret that could change her fate forever.

Pippin Potter is an Italian Greyhound or ‘Iggy’ to those in the know. To some people he looks just like any other normal dog but you would never guess what Pippin gets up to with his friends when his owners are not looking. Enter the world of talking dogs and a whole lot of mischief with Samantha Rose as she brings fun, humor and adventure to those that have the imagination to envisage it in this delightful book.

Gixxer Reese, a cherished golden retriever, has led a life that has been full of love and laughter, adventure and antics. He has brought endless happiness to all who are lucky enough to know him. Now that he is nearing the end of his lifelong adventure, the time felt right to share his memorable experiences in this heartwarming short story written by Gixxer

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