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May Fantasy Box

Fantasy book boxes are ready! This box includes books from Azaaa Davis, Whitney R.B., and J.E. Mueller., a journal, keychain, necklace with snap charm, feather pen, stamp set, and some book marks! $32 and it will be yours!

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I saved him. Little did I know saving him would save me. I’ve been running since I turned seventeen. Running from a past that continues to haunt my dreams. Running can only get you so far. Sooner or later what you’ve been running from will catch up. Will I survive when it does? Eleanor Hollenberg (Ellie) ran away from home at the age of seventeen. Now, she’s twenty and found herself living in a small cabin just outside a tiny town in Alaska. Her life is simple: don’t get too comfortable, stay in hiding, stay alert, keep running. That is until she makes an unlikely friend. Ash Sylvester doesn’t care for much. Only his friends and finding the man who killed his parents. That is until Ellie literally drags him into her home… Young Adult 80,000+ words

Legendary demon hunter Nadira Holden paid the ultimate price to end the war between demons and hunters.

Resurrected in present-day New York, many years have passed, everyone moved on without her, and the demons she once battled have made peace with humans. Nadira no longer has a purpose here. Dying again might be her ticket back to that “next life” she experienced.

Except humans are disappearing, and Nadira’s father is one of the missing. Feeling a strong obligation to find him before sorting out her own fate, she begins investigating.

She won’t rest in peace unless she can prove the demons are behind the disappearances. But Nadira is running out of time. The darkness within her is causing her to lose her humanity while the rest of mankind is on the verge of enslavement to the demons they now worship.

A modern magical retelling of the classic Cinderella tale.

After years of working at the family coffee shop under her step-mom’s rule, Arnessa longs for something more. She dreams of leaving her small town to attend a bigger college where she can really learn her magic. As hope slowly seems to fade, a charming stranger offers to help her with her studies, and turns her fears into a reason to stand up for herself

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