Author Spotlight

There are several authors who we wish to spotlight for either their support or contributions. Please check out their links and give them a follow!

December Book Box Authors 

Robert Mackey

Kyle Bagsby

Ellwyn Autumn

Elizabeth Jade

Sandra Kaye


Donise Sheppard

Kari Holloway

 Jennifer Baldwin,  

Amanda V. Shane


Love Dust Contributors/ Blog Tour

Susan Gibbons

Alisha Massenet

M.R. Ward

Olivia London

Brandy Bonifas

Sara Mosier

Tricia Wentworth

William Thatch

Alan I’Anson

Barbara Ristine 

Donise Sheppard

Jensen Reed


Supportive Pixies 

JM Ames

Melissa Willis-Sell

Stephanie Ayers

Pyra Kane


Book Box Authors 


Gator House Publishing

J.A. Hamilton

Jo Macregor 

Jackson Baer 



Bryant Wiley

Feed Your Monster

Rinoa Cameron