Book Boxes

Pixie Forest Publishing loves the idea of offering great indie books to YOU along with some awesome swag and goodies. We have five boxes a month with a new theme and numerous engaging books. Below is the description of our current box and the form for purchasing.


November Mystery Box

Dive into November’s  mystery box and uncover the hidden messages and stories from authors Jackson Baer, J.A. Hamilton, Jo MacGreggor, and an anthology. Four books, handmade necklaces from Cotton Candy Dreams Jewelry, fun invisible ink pens, themed washi tape, and beautiful Pixie Forest Publishing fridge magnets. Plus, so many bookmarks!

Peek into the pages of a peck-tacular anthology that hosts 17 authors and poets. Cocky-Tales was a limited edition fundraiser and we have the LAST available copies! You can no longer purchase it on Amazon. Why include this multi-genre anthology in a mystery box? Because roosters are basically turkeys and we have much to be thankful for.

Boxes retail for over $60 but we are offering them for $30! Shipping and handling is included in the price.  If you have a coupon from a previous box, please let us know in the order form.


Cocky-Tales Anthology

The Night’s Eye by J.A. Hamilton

The First Time I Died by Jo Macgregor

Your choice of one Jackson Baer novel: (While supplies last)

* The Earth Bleeds Red

* An American Family

* The Lights Will Never Fade

One pixie or one tree magnet

An invisible ink pen

One bookish necklace from Cotton Candy Dreams Jewelry (Two designs available but limited amount)

PFP bookmarks

Washi tape






If money is an issue and you truly want a box, please contact us to figure out a payment plan and we will reserve one box up to 30 days.
Closed to US residents only. Unfortunately the cost of international shipping is as much as or more than the box itself. We hope to be able to offer it worldwide in the future.