Home For Christmas

Home for Christmas by Stephanie Ayers   The song played loudly over the external store speaker, and Katelyn stopped walking to listen. The last strains of I’ll be Home for Christmas brought tears to her eyes. It had been eighteen months since Kevin left on his tour of duty; eighteen months without R&R, scant letters, […]

Honored Guest

Honored Guest by Susan Gibbons   Dressed in her Sabbath best, Anna took her seat at the table. Her grandmother poured wine into her glass. Anna peered over at her younger cousins at the kid table. No longer did she have to eat from paper plates and drink grape juice from a plastic cup. She […]

School Lunch

 School Lunch by Kyle Bagsby Whoever came up with the idea of assigned seats in the cafeteria is a butt. I mean seriously, why does it matter where we sit, and as a result of that stupid idea, I have to sit next to Billy Tillerson every single day. Ohhhh but the best part is, […]

Gerry’s Way

Gerry’s Way By Alan I’Anson       He awakens to the sound of pounding at the front door and the windows. His eyelids peel back, the paper-thin membranes dragging over dry, shrivelled eyeballs like sandpaper. For the first time he sees the world as they do – those putrid creatures he has despised with […]

Under The Purple Sky

Under The Purple Sky by Stacy Overby   They command attention, leaving spectators breathless in their presence. The words, in neon letters flashed onto the massive screen lighting up the night, though why the gigantic electronic billboard drew Liana’s attention mystified her. A video of her sisters imprisoned under The Purple Sky, trapped in human-made […]