March Fantasy Box


Missed out on this month’s book box? No worries! Here are the links for individual purchases, including the author’s info and links so you can stay up to date with your favorites! Want a signed copy of the books? Authors LOVE that, please reach out to them!

Nightvision: Twilight Shadows by C.H. Knyght

Dream of Darkness by H.M. Gooden

Fae Thee Well by DreamPunk Press

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This collection includes works from Travis I. Sivart, Andrew Hiller, Pamela K. Kinney, C. H. Williams, Ella Rite, Luna Nyx Frost, P. A. O’Neil, Joseph R. Kennedy, Emberly Summers, Allison Norfolk, A. I. Mychalus, V. Szulc, Jeremy Rodden, Thomas B. deMayo, I. Mira, E. C. Hibbs, Amanda Pavik & John Millington.

Between Worlds by Jennifer Ridge

Forgotten by Kari Holloway

Cry of Gold by Kari Holloway