Submission Guidelines

As of July 2018, we pay $5 for winning contest stories and $10 for accepted anthology submissions. Subject to change with each anthology and contest.

For anthologies, we are asking for exclusive rights for six months. After that, the author will retain all rights to their work.

For contests, we are asking for one time electronic rights for thirty days so we can publish your story on our website. If you choose to submit elsewhere after the thirty days, contact us and we will take the story down.

Guidelines will vary depending on the current call for submissions, but there are a few things we will always require:

  • All submissions must be formatted with Shunn formatting  (Exception being Across A Decade)
  • All submissions must be sent via submission form
    • If you do not have a Google account, contact us for submission options
  • We do not accept reprints at this time.
  • All submissions must be edited to the best of your ability. We highly recommend getting at least one beta reader to help you proofread it before submission. If you need help finding a beta reader, join our Facebook group Pixie Forest Groupies or Writing Bad 
  • Questions? Send an email to

Current Call for Submissions

Across A Decade-  

Short stories and poems by authors 8-18

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Message or comment with any other questions.